Eridanis, The IoT Expert  for innovative companies

The Internet of Things, also referred to as IoT, creates the link between the real world and digital services.

Quite new, this universe introduces an upheaval of technologies and uses, comparable to what Internet introduced more than 20 years ago. Its exponential innovation potential redefines our daily lives, reinvents certain businesses and creates new models that companies must adapt to in order to maintain their competitiveness and accelerate their development.

As an innovation and technical development consulting firm specializing in Internet of Things, Eridanis is positioning itself as an accelerator of this revolution and proposes to put its expertise and dynamism in the service of innovative companies.

Eridanis is working with large companies…

Eridanis is working with prestigious corporations, from the identification of opportunities offered by IoT to the industrialization of digital solutions, including definition of roadmaps, concept validation and setting up of a change accompaniment strategy.

Eridanis covers a wide range of sectors. Its achievements combine the expertise of its consultants with the wealth of applications made possible by IoT.

Eridanis is the preferred partner of companies wishing to take a step ahead by taking up and wining the challenge of IoT.


With Eridanis, we use the Internet of Things to optimize our maintenance operations, such as monitoring pipes and surface terminals, as well as dealing with problems related to network’s and our personnel’s safety.



Innovation and digital transformation are at the very heart of VINCI Facilities’ strategy.

We have entrusted Eridanis R&D teams with the development of a multifunctional connected object. Their mastery of IoT and its ecosystem allows us to anticipate the needs of our end customers, offering technological solutions with high added value.


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