The smart scale forTotal

“At Eridanis we have a conviction: innovation in B2B is rooted in B2C”.

Emmanuel Gavache, CEO of Eridanis

Eridanis is a major player in the Internet of Objects, and its activities are mainly oriented towards B2B.

We work with major industrialists who want to put innovation in the service of their daily activities and simplify the work of their employees.

In particular, we supported the Marketing & Services (M & S) division of the Total group in the implementation of the Balance Connected project. This project is initially aimed at the African continent where the energy company is a major distributor of domestic gas to private individuals and professionals.

The project responds to a real field need

The project responds to a real field need

Total has hundreds of thousands of bottles of gas in circulation on the African continent. Users have no reliable means of predicting the amount of gas remaining in their bottles, so they often have stock-outs in full use of their bottle gas.

As Total is not the only domestic gas supplier, some individuals and professionals use Total gas cylinders to purchase from other distributors.

The main challenges of the project are the prevention of stock-outs through real-time control, optimisation of gas consumption and customer loyalty.

We have provided both technical expertise and aesthetics

We have provided both technical expertise and aesthetics

The intelligent balance communicates with its user by sending an alert when the gas level in the bottle is below a predefined threshold value.

Eridanis has put at the service of Total its IoT expertise, the responsiveness and creativity of its teams, and its ability to accompany large groups, from the maturation of their ideas to concrete implementation by Proof Of Concept (POC).

Eridanis therefore accompanied Total for the transition from the in-house prototype to a pre-set for on-the-spot testing thanks to the genius of its teams, equipped with technical and technological skills. This project includes server development, communication, electronic design, integration, 3D design and product realization.

The balance connected by Total in a few words

The balance connected by Total in a few words

For Total, the balance aims to …

Avoid unnecessary storage of empty gas cylinders in users

Implement real-time monitoring of users’ domestic gas consumption

Develop new user-centric services

For customers of Total, the scale allows to …

Controlling the contents of gas cylinders in real time

Optimize gas consumption

To limit the risk of breaking their stock of gas

Balance Connected Total

The next step

The next step is to carry out a field test and, on the basis of experience feedback, consider a larger scale deployment