The Smart Pole

SIdO in Lyon

On Tuesday, April 7, at the SIdO exhibition in Lyon, dedicated to the Internet of Objects, GRTgaz and the start-up Eridanis unveiled their connected terminal. The purpose of the connected terminal is to enable monitoring of the deterioration of the markings on the gas transport network. This invention has been the subject of a patent application.

This joint project was born of the intuition that GRTgaz’s gas transmission infrastructures, spread over 85% of the French territory, have a potential to be connected. The connected terminal will complete the current monitoring mix (pedestrian, vehicle, airplane and helicopter) with an innovative device and breaking technology: connected objects. Indeed, thousands of yellow markers indicate the presence of the 32 000 km of buried pipelines of GRTgaz. This signaling is necessary to avoid damage to the network by third parties. Concerned about the safety of the people who work, live and exploit land near its works, GRTgaz makes every effort to ensure the integrity of its network.

Presentation of the terminal connected to the Minister Axelle Lemaire

The connected terminal presented at the SIdO is a terminal equipped with a prototype box (which makes it communicating). The expertise of Eridanis and GRTgaz has enabled the development of the method of operation which allows to receive, process and then transfer the information issued by this box to the GRTgaz operators present in the field. The connected terminal prototype is based on Sigfox technology. The concept is based on sensors (accelerometer, vertical sensor, GPS, temperature probe) and a transmitter placed on our structures, a communication network and a monitoring platform.

Prototype developed by Eridanis

Anticipating a real potential for valorisation for its activities, GRTgaz launched a life-size experiment to test the functioning of the system as a whole. A hundred bollards, located at different points of the territory, are currently equipped with the prototype box developed by Eridanis. A follow-up will be carried out over a full year to test the reliability of the equipment, the communication protocols and the value provided by this device to the operators. These tests will make it possible to conclude on the technical and economic potential of the connected terminal and, more broadly, on the relevance of making other installations “communicating” to improve or optimize the activities of GRTgaz.

Since its creation in 2009, Sigfox’s stake is to deploy a global network for the Internet of Objects which is the simplest and most optimized in terms of cost and energy consumption.

Connected terminal GRT Gas