RCube for Vinci

The RCube Connected

The RCube interacts with the physical and the digital by proposing 6 pre-programmed actions to trigger, one action per face.
The RCube is a connected object that has the ambition to revolutionize the interface Man / Machine.
Simple, practical and innovative, the connected RCube is the modernization tool for meeting rooms and modern open spaces. The idea of the RCube appeared at a working meeting with one of our prestigious clients in December 2014.
We are then entering the development phase of this new innovative idea.

Create a new Man / Machine interface with 6 actions,

It is now possible thanks to the RCube of Eridanis.

December 2014


As of January 2015, Eridanis is calling on Julie Carbonaro for the design of her RCube. Designer and scenographer, Julie Carbonaro has mastered the chain of conception of a project, from the development of concepts, from development to the development and follow-up of manufacturing.

She designed the RCube in the form of several concepts combining natural materials and new backlight technologies.

January 2015


At the same time, a meeting between Eridanis and the management teams of the Information Systems of the PSA manufacturing plant took place in Paris. The idea of the RCube was presented as the ideal solution to simply raise technical problems in the meeting room.

The following month, Eridanis presented Enedis with the concept of an intelligent meeting room driven by a RCube.

Avril 2015


At the Total Connected Event in June 2015, the Eridanis team presented its RCube.

Juin 2015


The working environment comprises a multitude of shared living spaces, areas of activity in which users need to benefit from complementary and varied services. An employee systematically needs to benefit from various services and today we can improve this thanks to the RCube.

At the beginning of November, Eridanis signed an exclusive distribution contract with Vinci for an intelligent meeting room.

The Eridanis team defined the different functionalities of the RCube applied to the different uses of the meeting room. At the same time, the Eridanis technical team has developed a specific platform to program the different functionalities of the 6 faces and an Android tablet application for rendering events.

Today, the RCube is born to offer multiple services, customizable, useful to simplify your daily life.

Novembre 2015

The RCube is a consumer-connected object that Eridanis can also customize according to customer requests.