IoT Discovery for Nexans

Realization of an IoT DiscoveryTM for Nexans

Nexans, a large French company that is the world leader in its cable industry, wants to improve its products with maximum security. The group focuses mainly on 4 buoyant markets:

Energy and Data Infrastructure

Energy Resources



Nexans is present in more than 40 countries with industrial sites and a team of more than 26,000 employees.

Innovation is the driving force behind the group’s strategy in order to offer ever more efficient products.

Eridanis has carried out an IoT DiscoveryTM program to select, with Nexans’ teams, the most relevant projects for a digital vision of the global strategy.

The Eridanis team has set up innovation workshops and has also facilitated brainstorming sessions with group speakers. Mobilization of Nexans’ teams was a key success factor for the IoT DiscoveryTM program.