A Connected Station

SNCF relies on innovation in its strategy as a lever for action and optimization of its operations in general. In this context of digital transformation at the group level, Gares and Connexions has launched an initiative to create a connected station. Eridanis supports SNCF Gares and Connexion in this innovation process.

This project aims to capture the best of what new technologies can bring to railway stations, with a bottom-up approach which consists of taking into account feedback and proposals from SNCF employees, true connoisseurs of the field and And ultimately the driving forces behind the implementation of innovation.

The first step…

Is to define the concept of a connected station using the Design Thinking method. During this phase of collective work, the participants first identify the problems and needs and then develop the first elements of technical solutions with Eridanis.

The chosen station is that of Montluel, small but with a substantial equipment and a passage of 500,000 – 600,000 travelers year round.

The second step …

Consists of the implementation of experimentation in the station.