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Smart City Platform

Since 2016 the Metropole of Nice and Eridanis have been working together to implement the Smart City project decided by the city’s elected representatives.

The Nice Côte d’Azur metropolis is one of the most most « connected » cities in France and was elected
4th Smart City in the World !

Mobility and e-Health

The Nice Côte d’Azur metropolitan area has launched the IoT programme Discovery™

We have worked with the city’s stakeholders to identify projects that will boost technological progress and improve people’s well-being, i.e. solve problems in a search to enhance local skills.




Course of the day

Various workshops led by the team

The IoT Discovery™ has made it possible to identify new innovative projects that are in line with MNCA’s vision of digital transformation.




The aim of this project is to relieve traffic congestion in the city centre, facilitate parking for the city’s residents and also facilitate the mobility of people with reduced mobility.
Thanks to its partnership with Waze Eridanis, it was able to offer the city a Dashboard in order to obtain real-time information and alerts on all the city’s roads.


Smart City Platform

Eridanis was commissioned by the metropolis of Nice to create the platform that will collect and store data from the city and its facilities.
This platform allows all data to be centralized in a single database, which can then be analysed in order to monitor the city’s behaviour in real time.



The city wishes to offer a better quality of life to all the inhabitants of the metropolis thanks to a multitude of sensors (UV Index, air pollution, noise pollution…).
We were also able to advise the city on new technologies to develop remote care, including teleconsultation and new e-health devices.

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