The digital revolution of territories.

Open technologies
for sovereign cities.

Eridanis is committed to work alongside cities to free them from proprietary solutions. Thanks to Open Source, cities can regain full control of their services and become independent of publishers.

The human being and his environment at the of tomorrow's territories.

Eridanis designs “tech for good” solutions to improve the integration of people in their city, but also of the city in its environment. This new paradigm has become our driving force.

Digital Maturity

Develop your territory’s digital strategy with the help of specific, personalised support. Plan its operational implementation.

Smart city

Manage all your systems and infrastructures from a single interface. Your data is centralised, standardised and ready to be used by all your departments.

The power of Data applied to the City.

& Security

Use the real-time capabilities of our services to control and monitor all traffic. Secure the use of soft mobility and coordinate your forces on the ground.

& Biodiversity

Monitor the quality of your air, the vitality of your soil and the biodiversity of your flora. Measure the benefits of your actions on the environment and share them with your citizens.

Smart Buildings

Establish a direct dialogue with your buildings. Analyse energy consumption, detect leaks and water wastage, ensure security of access and use thanks to the Internet of Things.

Records management

Generate your official documents thanks to artificial intelligence. By-laws, municipal council resolutions and other records are directly standardised and integrated into your platform.

Active citizens in their democracy.

Integrate your citizens fully into democratic processes. Give them a voice through consultations and collect their opinions on actions taken and in progress. Fully customisable and based on the famous Decidim Foundation, you will guarantee an efficient dialogue with your citizens.

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