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Creating a fully Paperless work environment simplifies processes

This solution increases team productivity and efficiency while saving money and making work processes faster.

+ 15% to 25%
in productivity

Why a Paperless solution ?

Gain of mobilityof timein productivity

Monitoring of operations

All operators have their tasks to do at their disposal. They can anticipate the next actions to be taken and simply contact their employees.


Synthesis of data in the form of a dashboard, which allows team performance to be monitored.


View the overall progress of production and projects and send alerts and notifications.


The tool automatically generates reports, in digital format and easily usable.

user benefits

One solution, many advantages

It’s time to rethink the way you work

Facilitated access to resources

The Paperless solution allows multiple users to access the same document at the same time with greater ease and convenience.

Data storage and transfer

Larger and more efficient storage space. Large quantities of documents can be stored on a single computer or on a secure and accessible cloud anywhere.

Editing and modification

The same document can be duplicated, copied, manipulated or combined at the same time by several collaborators.

Tenfold increase in communication

Communication skills are greater, especially when employees work in different locations.

Comilog, the right time

Optimize train tracking processes for a mine

Access new opportunities

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