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IoT Solutions

Today, we are a recognized player in the development and prototyping of customized solutions.

Outsource your R&D department


Each customer and each use case is unique, thanks to our know-how we support you at every stage of your project.


Our agile methodology challenges every decision made during the development phases in order to anticipate possible difficulties and ensure the success of the project.

Saving time

It is often difficult to design a prototype when we start from a blank sheet of paper. Using the services of Eridanis, an expert in this field, speeds up your innovation.

Piloting of
Proofs Of Concept


Eridanis supports you in the production of your prototypes, both in terms of hardware and software, and in identifying the most innovative components and technologies on the market.


Eridanis works with the most qualified engineers in the sector in order to use our technological, methodological and manufacturing know-how to support your projects.


Our results-oriented DNA guarantees a quality deliverable that begins a successful industrialization phase.

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