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Digital Maturity Assessment

Digital Maturity Assessment

25 October 2019

.1  Meeting

Identification of opportunities

First, our consultants and technical experts meet your teams around several workshops (session of questions and answers, interviews…) in order to define thematic and bring out cases of use.

The aim is to identify new opportunities offered by connected objects and digital tools that can generate new sources of income and optimize its activities. We focus on meeting real business needs.

Digital Assessment is an innovation consulting mission, whose deliverable is the selection of the most relevant technological projects in your context.

.2 Support

Project planning

We help you to define the most strategic use cases to be deployed in order to guarantee a rapid and quantifiable ROI.

Following the Digital Maturity Assessment, we support you in all phases of the project:

1 – Conducting the engagement process with the costing of the project, the evaluation of its profitability and the implementation of KPIs

2 – Realization of evolutive Proofs of Concept in industrial pilots

3 – Deployment of the solution in real conditions

IoT at the service of the city of tomorrow

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