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Digital platform

In a world where data flow is becoming increasingly important, it is crucial to be able to store but also process your data in order to extract useful information.
The use of data allows for in-depth analysis of the activity, the obtaining of indicators on a dashboard and facilitates decision-making.


The implementation of a data platform must be designed according to your activity and your constraints.

Our experts are at your disposal to assist you in the creation & selection of your platform, as well as in the integration of your data which can come from multiple sources:




Relevance of the data

Data is of significant value to an organization, but it must be used well.
It is important to ensure the quality of the data and its relevance in order to obtain the best information to manage an activity.


Eridanis is a member and official partner of the Fiware platform: a European standardization initiative covering the technical and functional needs of a Smart City.
Eridanis is a partner company of Waze.
Our developers are specifically authorized on Azure. We are also certified Watson developers and integrators on IBM Cloud.

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