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Digital Assessment

Based on the failure of most of the Proofs of Concept and innovation seminars in IoT, we have developed a methodology that significantly improves the success rate of innovation projects.
Thanks to the Digital Maturity Assessment, the selected projects are effectively launched and successfully deployed. Digital Assessment is the best solution to identify your innovation opportunities.

Our approach is based on 4 pillars:

  • Collaborative work with the client’s business lines
  • Discovery of technological opportunities
  • Selection of use cases
  • Benchmark

IoT Solutions

We are a recognized player in the development and prototyping of custom IoT solutions. Our teams specialized in Hardware and Software create in record time the prototypes at the forefront of today’s technologies.

Study and analysis

We work in agile mode from the design stage, which allows us to reduce the specification phase to a strict minimum and focus resources on creating the solution. We imagine innovation with the customer.

Sourcing of suppliers

After drawing up the list of components, we offer sourcing from our qualified suppliers. We give you the choice to supply the components directly or to provide you with a turnkey solution.

Development and validation of the prototype

For each key step in the development of the solution, we establish a recipe booklet and apply the Scrum methodology adapted to the IoT’s needs. As the Sprints progress, with a controlled Backlog, the prototype is validated in record time.


Predictive maintenance

A major challenge for competitiveness in the industry of the future, predictive maintenance makes it possible to optimize maintenance and production management.

Deployment of the solution

Our predictive maintenance team integrates the solution into your current system, from sensor installation to Data Lake implementation and user training.

Data aggregation and management

We will assist you in the aggregation and management of the data from your sensors.


The identification of anomalies, the processing of false positives and the reporting of alerts allow efficient planning of interventions.


Digital platform

Your data comes from various sources: ERP, CRM, IoT sensors… These data are a real gold mine to better manage your activity, we master all the steps in order to transform this data into relevant information for the management of your activity.

Visualization of the activity

Whether it is for decision-making, management or monitoring of your activity, our teams are able to produce dashboards updated with the data of your business.



A Paperless solution is a concept in which the use of paper in a work environment is significantly reduced or completely eliminated. This shift from “all-digital” to digitalization of documents and processes within the company.

Steering and support

Our team will assist you in implementing the “Paperless” strategy by identifying the key processes and documents to be digitized in order to increase your productivity while reducing your costs.

Process optimization

The switch to all-digital technology makes it possible to facilitate communication between your teams and all the company’s processes (production, quality, purchasing, maintenance, etc.)

Change management

The shift to “all-digital” must involve all levels of the company, including training and change management within your teams.



A pioneer of the IoT, Eridanis offers you the benefit of its feedback. The packaged training modules will be adapted to your context, allowing you to discover the benefits of IoT and save time in the implementation of your projects.

From discovery to skills development, Eridanis offers you attractive training depending on the module chosen.


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