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For more than a year Eridanis has been working with the Start-up Mobistreet, founded in 2017 by Eric Clairefond and Arnaud Mailhé. The latter specialises in providing fleets of electric scooters for companies or administrations.

Eridanis has been involved in the development of the mobile application, the manufacture of terminal furniture and continues to support Mobistreet in its growth and expansion.

“80% of urban trips are less than 4km long!”


The turnkey offer includes:

A scooter, one or more pieces of furniture to recharge the scooter fleet as well as a multitude of services: training, insurance, fleet management software, rental of safety equipment (helmets, safety armbands)…

More and more people living in cities are abandoning the car and turning to these

new means of transport. This is for practical, ecological or economic reasons.

The electric scooter

Companies have a role to play in the ecological transition and many of them are interested in these new ways of ecological mobility.

For companies with more than 100 employees, the mobility plan (PDM) has been mandatory since 1 January 2018 and requires companies to provide their employees with new, more environmentally friendly mobility solutions.

An ecological challenge

Companies can therefore provide scooters for intra-site, inter-site or even home-to-work travel.

The services offered by Mobistreet allow company employees to save time in their daily travel while limiting the ecological impact of their travel.